Pet Transfer

Trust us with your best friend

When it comes to transporting your pet you need have complete peace of mind that they will safe and well looked after during the journey. At Coast2Coast Transport we take pride in taking special care of your beloved animals. In the past we have transported: dogs, cats, birds (parrots, budgies etc) rabbits, hamsters amongst others.


You can be rest assured that your pet will not travel in the back of a van but always in the front cab, with the diver in a specially constructed pen. We will stop every two and a half hours to make sure that your pet is as comfortable as possible, taking them for a walk, if relevant, and giving them food and water.

If we have an overnight stop we will only use pet friendly hotels and the pets will spend the night with us in the room, never overnight in the van. We guarantee not to transport more than 2 pets at a time and we have a vet from Vet Express on call at any time. Vet Express will also look after any pet passport issues for you. Contact us if you have any questions about transporting your pet.

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